Oh,The Insanity
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2002-07-26 14:09:48 (UTC)

Cars, malls and A Beautiful Mind

I bought a car...YAY for me. It's this really great 1992
blue Ford Escort. Ya know what this means? FREEDOM!! So
far, in the past 2 days, I have driven pretty much
everywhere. Like yesterday, I drove up to Irondequoit to
see Adam :-). Despite the fact that I wish we were more
than best friends, I know that we are better off this way.
Like he says, "There's nothing different, we were always
best friens, the only thing that isn't there is the sex."
Good Philosophy. Anyways, I had all kinds of fun and ate
ice cream. Then afterwards, mom took nick and I out to
dinner at Tom Wahl's and then I went to the mall with Kipp,
Dan and Gina. Kipp bought me a Sarong holder in the 1000
Islands, but I dunno if it's gonna work. After the mall,
we all came here and watched movies, but I fell asleep. It
seems that everytime I hang out with Adam, the day goes
REALLY fast...hm, tempus fugit, eh?