In Shaddy's Shadow
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2001-07-05 13:04:56 (UTC)

NO More Drinks

well i never considered myself a drinker but i alwayz
thought i was good at holding my alcohol..seeing my and my
girl Kristen had went to the movies one night with a bottle
of E&J (vsop) & a bottle of Hennessy and drank them both in
a matter of 2 hours..But last Tuesday was a whole different
story... well Chris (Rachel's man) came to pick me and
Rachel up with his friend Charles, They came kinda late so
we knew what was up. They didn't get any weed for the fact
that Charles is in the Marines..but they got drinks..We
went to "the stop" it's a lil woodly area where we chill,
but by the time we had gotten they i had already drank a
bottle of some kinda wine (i don't even remember what it
was) it was good, kinda tasted like Kool-Aid. well we're
at "the spot" and me and Charles went for a walk with
another bottle of the same shit. I killed thaty bottle we
were gone for like 1/2 hour. and on the way back i was
already messed up like Woah!!..and know this nigga trys to
kiss me, I almost throw up in his face. well i did throw up
about 10 to say the least.

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