Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-07-26 13:45:38 (UTC)

I had that feeling again...

And with good reason. This morning my application forms
for Stirling University came in. Whenevr I get that
feeling, I wake up far earlier than I need to and go
looking. I like the feeling, it helps me out. Got the
envelope, put it in my room and went to sleep. No need to
stay awake when the event was over. It just took so
freaking long.

Woke up about 2pm, no one seems to be around. Blacky is
still in the kitchen but Max and father are nowhere to be
seen. They might be in my father's room becase I'm sure I
heard Max growl or something. Not that I'm bothered too
much, I just like to know where people are.

Looking at the forms for University. I've got that weird
feeling when I know how something will probably turn out
but it still makes me feel uneasy. Guessing its just the
realisation that my fate's being set out for me and I'm
being anxious and excited. I need to decide an additional
four courses after Sociology and computing Science. I'll
only have to do one of them but I need to look at the
other courses first. I don't want to do nother course,
it'll be a waste of money since I'll have to drop one of
them eventually. Beaurocratic inefficiency.

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