Lady Marmelade

Days of Reality
2001-07-05 12:53:21 (UTC)

Summer Vacation Sux

i haven't written in this shit for like ever. so um, yeah.
summer vacation sux cuz it's so damn boring. i don't get to
go newhere without my lil sis. she's a sweetheart but
sometimes she gets so annoying. ne way, since there's notin
much to talk about summer, let me write down about what
happened at grad, one of the best days of my life:

i went over to roxy's house in the morning. got there at
like 10:15, and she came out in this funny hair thing. we
laughed. her aunt's really cool. she did my nails and
everything, she was gonna do mine and roxy's makeup too. but
i wanted to do my own since i'm gonna go to highschool, and
a girl's gotta learn how to do her own makeup. which turned
out not to be such a good idea. i mean, i got everything on
right until i started putting on mascara. i have no idea wat
happened, but it started clumping and gooping up, making my
eyelashes look very weird. oh well, then we put on our
dresses and left. we arrived pretty late at the caf.

the grad was very boring. we all just sat there and waited
for it to be over. i won a medal for excellence in
academics, and class awards for 'best in english, math,
science, french, history, geography, and DT'. that was cool,
but still the whole thing was boring and my ass was getting
all sweaty cuz it was SO HOT!!! (speaking of so hot, i'm
gonna name the guy that looked SO HOT: ali farhat) then
there was this reception with really bad cake. after all the
parents left, we went back to the auditorium to watch the
slide-show. too bad there was only like, 4 pics of me. but
it funny.

then came the dance. that was fun like hell. me, roxy,
yerusi were all dancing like major sluts. like those girls u
see on muchmusic and stuff. we were shaking our asses.
I changed from my dress to my rainbow-ass pants and a
cute spaghetti strap that showed some of my stomach
josh saw me in it and he ripped his shirt open and started
going like 'oh, laura, i want you, i want you bad.' it was so funny.

after the dance, we (me, roxy, yerusi, allie, halima) went
to Swiss Chalet to eat. it was so fun. we laughed so hard,
that the other ppl at the other tables got annoyed. they
were just jealous that we were having more fun than them.
and the guys spent like, half their time over at our table.
we flirted with phil and josh. they were fun.

now comes the most exciting part: after we ate, we went to
wait for my bus. and every single guy that passed us were
staring at us. (cuz we looked so damn sexy) and even girls
were looking at us. (in envy, that we look better) it was so
cool. there was this MAJORLY hot guy who flirted with us
like crazy. he thought we were coming back from the prom,
but he wasn't even faltered when we told him it was gr. 8
grad. he was still flirting. and these other guys started
catcalling and whistling when they went by. and lots of guys
were waving at us and yelling stuff like 'hot', 'sexy',
'babe'. and considering that we're only in gr. 8, and
they're like in gr. 11 or 12, it was very flattering. and we
saw HIVA!!! he's really cool.

so i got home and went to bed cuz i was so tired. basically,
it was one of the days of my life! Gr. 8 GRAD ROCKS & KICKS