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2001-07-05 12:46:29 (UTC)


aye me.

i feel very bleah today. got back from skool w/ dy but
before dat we went to buy some history book ovr at parkway
parade. lunch was fries w/ green apple tea. bleah.

meilay, my partner said some things today. some things i
wished she didnt say. some things dat got me thinking. she
asked whether me and dy, are we one sided kinda thing.. coz
she said some theories about running after one another and
all.. i went a slow painful ouch. sometimes i dont noe what
i want. i contradict myself. it hurts. my fault. i noe.
i slept early last nite. was down with da fever. crummy
tummy aches. shitzerls.

phobia = freeing another??
cold water = lets change subject, ^mild^

why do we always end up like dat. stupid. i hate dat.
damnit. but dis time i guess i had maybe 0.01% to be angry.
0.001% maybe but still.

be angry ... yes im angry. or maybe hurt more like it

at de rite person ... yes. AT de RIGHT person

to de right degree ... yes. its NOT world war 3

at de right time... its a time for anything.

for de right reason... phobia. playing phobia. not
bothering. like it didnt matter. or is it just me? should i
just then revert everyhting and banish myself??? drown??

in de right way... i kept quiet. let de phobia mayhem begin.

¤ bÜ ë®F¼Y ¤