Living In The Dark
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2002-07-26 09:37:41 (UTC)

Late-Night Hot Chocolate

I read an article that says I have an increased risk of
breast cancer if I keep working the graveyard shift.
Something to do with light levels and melatonin. I wonder
if my other job, where I work mostly in the dark, cancels
that out.

I just discovered that I am able to access the internet at
the answering service. Not very handy because I'm not much
of a surfer anymore, but at least I can check my Hotmail.

In 8 days, I will be married AGAIN. I don't have a problem
with my fiance, just an anxiety about being involved again -
trying to blend two lives that have been happily strongly
independant for some time. I want control of everything and
I can already predict that the first few months of co-
habitation will be filled with marital strife due solely to
my unreasonable need to do everything my way.

Good thing my fiance is a marshmallow push-over.



Four in the morning finds me
Talking to a computer screen
Dancing behind a bucket of water
And singing at the top of my lungs
Oh, what a lack of sleep
Can do to you.