Cute Chaos

2002-07-26 08:29:33 (UTC)

Catch-up... July 21st

Up at the crack of dawn to visit my mom! I got ready faster
than ever. I just wanted to get out of the house. I am
really suprised that I did not fall asleep on the ride up.
We stopped at McyD's and got some food. On of the casheirs
was assinged to go around and clean all of the tables. He
must have walked around about 6 times before he got called
back. It was funny, he even washed the same table like 3
times. I think he was about to scrub the laminate right off
of the table he was rubbing so hard. The visit did not go
so well. My mom and I got into a fight about my brother
benji and his schooling. How he should be sent of to a
millitary acadamy and learn how to behave. My mom thinks he
acts just like me when i was a kid and that is not the
case. She was also putting words into my mom. I was also
fight with my mom about adoption. She is such a bitch. I
don't know why she will not sign the papers. And it is not
about the child support I am sure that randy would love to
stop ppaying. Then, I told her how none of my friends liked
her and that she was mean; My mom got so pissed of that she
said it was the end of the visit. We were there for about
45 minutes. We got home really early. We even had time to
go shopping!

It was REALLY hot outside so Wally, Big Chris, and I went
swimming. We were only gone for about 2 hours thought
because the beach was so crowded ther ewas not place to
swim. On the way home though we hit to McyD's and got 29
cent ice cream cones. It was fun.

I finally got a hold of Tony! I even got to go over to his
house to visit him. Wally drove me out there and on the way
we talked about Tre. I would really like to meet this girl.
Find out waht kinda of cold hearted bitch can play mind
games with Wally like that. My visit with Tony was good. I
really suck at pin pog and Tony was kind enough to point it
out! His mom seems really nice but his sister seems like a
bitch. I was standing behind Tony folling him to the
basement and his sister came ove rto get the cat. She was
like "MOVE!" Wow! Although, we got a lot of alone time! I
really wish I could have had more time with him but curfews
suck! Hopefully I will get to see him agianbefore he goes
out of town on thursday, for 8 days!


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