Cute Chaos

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2002-07-26 08:16:01 (UTC)

Catch-up... July 18th

I slept over at Ambers. MJ comes in the bedroom at 7:30 am
and wants to play. I did not get to sleep until 2 am! That
kid is so energetic. He was running around the house all
morning while everyone else slept. We got up and watched a
movie and ate breakfast. Today was it. I was going into
Planned Parenthood whether I wanted to or not. I was really
scared. I have never had a check up like this done before
and I did not know what to expect. What if they find
something what kind of questions are they going to ask. We
left about and hour too early. Although it worked out well
because of all of the paperwork I had to fill out. MJ was
being a little monster. He was crawling all over
EVERYTHING, ripping up magazines, running around like a
monkey, and screaming. The kid just would not stop. After I
read and filled out the 30 sheets I had to wait. It was
only about 15 minutes but it felt like forever. When I got
pulled back the nurse explained the entire procedure to me.
It was kind of scary. She also had to explain different
ways for me to lower my risk for contracting an STD which
none of them applied to me. Abstinence before AND after!
Everything went fairly well and they said that everything
looked fine. The doctor Carroll was a doll! She was so
sweet and understanding. Everyone was but she just seemed
to know what it was like. It cost me $150. I can't complain
because at least I will know if something is wrong with me.
When I left, I felt so relieved. It was over and I was
glad. Now all I had to do was wait. I don't think I will
tell anyone that I went until my test results come back so
that way I know for sure.

I found out that I have to go visit my mom on sundae. It
really sucks because I don't want to go see her I want Tony
to come over. I hope we go really early in the mooring so
that I will at least be back by 1, 2 pm. I don't know when
my mom will be transfer to minimum security. I hope that
she stays in for at least 7 more months. Then I will at
least by 16. Now she won't be so far away but it still

I miss Tony so much. I really wish I could talk with him.
Even more so with the testing going on. I wish he could
have been there. Although I am really glad amber was
because she is such a big support for me.

I got a post card from Jessi today. A picture of the Rocky
Mountains in Colorado. It was so pretty. I hope that Jessi
has fun and see plenty of hot cowboys!

After everything that had happened today I was pretty
bummed. I went over to Wally’s house to hang out and we
decided to get some ice cream sundaes and play halo. It was
fun until I started to get my ass beat! The ice cream
sundaes were the best! I was in awe, in HEAVEN! Maybe I’ll
have another tomorrow!