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2002-07-26 07:22:08 (UTC)

steve,justin,Yaz,but most of all bec.

Steve came over tonight. We ordered Pizza, and
watched movies, after chatting for a while. We both had
headaches, and I was really tired. But i think we made
the best of it.
We are supposed to go to the fair tomorrow- i should
have told him to take me tonight- cause i don't know if i
will feel like it tomorrow. I'm really tired.
I'm so confused. I don't know what i feel anymore. I'm
starting to feel numb with all the relationships in my life.
Justin-one of my best friends.... (like a male version of
Yaz ).. anyways, he is gay. I never even gave him the
chance to be gay ! I just assumed that he was straight
!- It's kinda weird. i still can't see him as Gay. I know his
sexual orientation should have little to do with our
friendship, but it does. I tried to be supportive, but he
seems to be almost angry with me. Why can't we just
have an honest relationship.. he tells me the truth and i
tell him the truth. and we deal with it- all of it.???
I am just upset.. maybe because i am loosing bec. I
don't know how i will live without her- she is my support
for everything.... i better hit the sac- i have a long day

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