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2001-07-05 07:47:40 (UTC)

I have heard of people dying..

I have heard of people dying after being trapped in an
enclosed room for a few hours. So I would have thought that
half-an-hour with my head inside a plastic bag would do the
trick. I didn't even come close to passing out. I just
couldn' t take it anymore and I finally took the bag out. I
should have taken the antihistamine with a few glasses of
alchohol as well.

I have been asked what I would like for my birthday. Nobody
can give me the thing I want most, or rather the thing I do
not want. Life.

It has not been a pleasant week. What with being stuck in
school and reaching home only at four and having lunch at
four. Staying until 12 midnight before having to wake up
dead tired at 6 in the morning. How I enjoy my days.

I did the first part of the rat disection last week. The
damn thing was so fat that I couldn't see the arteries
properly. What with flab everywhere, a punctured liver and
a strict teacher, the practical couldn't have been better.
Next week will be just as bad with the rat stinking of
formalyine and raw flesh.

Kudos for taking science.