The Inevitable
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2001-07-05 07:21:45 (UTC)

The Meeting

I met a women today, an old friend. After my realization
towards her, I was shocked. She was young, short, but
beautiful and intelligent. Her eyes were gorgeous and her
smile was so radiant. "I had a love Jones for her body and
her skin tone..." Her soul was so bright that I couldn't
look away. It captured me and brought me forward. I
looked up and saw the God-like figure. It was an angel in
disguise. Disguised as a human, one of us even. It smiled
down upon me; she talked to me while I gazed through her
eyes, piercing through her soul. She then left. "Why did
she leave?" I asked myself repeatedly. "Was it because I
tried to get to know her?" I then sadly looked down and
said " or was it because of my ignorance?" I then opened
my eyes. It was she, the angel in disguise. My stupidity
and self-remembrance of my thoughts of her had put me down
to waste. My realization had stunned me; I was just
talking to a friend, no more... no less. I had an
attractiveness towards her aura. I felt stupid and
pathetic once that I realized I was just talking to an on-
line friend. A friend whom I gave the title "friend". She
then abruptly left...

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