Mysterious Attitude
2001-07-05 07:03:18 (UTC)

Wednesday July 4,2001

*Time: 1:53 am hehe so its the 5th so what... i'm writin
what happened on the 4th
*Wearing: My black pants and a 2Pac shirt
Jewelry: My nugget ring, my cross ring, my 3 bracelets,
and my cross neckless
*Hair: Down
*Listenin to : Nothing
*Eating/Drinkin: Nothing
*Song of the day : Goodbye by Prince
*Weather: Its dark and sorta cool like 68 degrees maybe
less earlier today it was sunny and really hot
*Talking to : Chuck
*Mood: Sorta happy... better then before :)
*Thinking: What is the sence of 4th of July and why is
Justin so nice to everyone :)

When I woke up today... everything was goin really bad...
first of all my mom was still a lil mad at me and told me
we weren't goin to do anything today... so that got me a
lil pissy and depressed... so I went into gram's bedroom
and listened to Prince's songs "Wasted Kisses"
and "Goodbye"... I was havin sum serious thoughts of
suicide... but thanks to them songs I didn't do anything...
well finally my gram and uncle asked me if I wanted to go
with them... I was like aight... so I ate sum pizza puffs
with cottage cheese... and then took my shower... got
ready... and we all left to drive around... we went to
Renee's... and I watched Joe set off sum fireworks... hehe
talkin bout bein funny... lol I talked to Ce Ce and Chrisy
for a little while... and I started to catch fireflies (lol I was
bored can u tell??)Then everyone that was at Renee's... (everyone but
Joe and Ce Ce that is)... left to watch fireworks bein set off at
Hidden Lake... that was sorta boring... so me, Jr, and gram left
before Renee and everyone with her did... to go get sumthing to
eat... after we ate gram decided she wanted to go to the Drop
Box..and she made Jr get sum bags out of it... then we headed back to
Renee's so gram could look through all the stuff in the bags... When
we pulled up 2 Renee's house Joe and Justin were havin a bottle
rocket fight(they were settin off at each other they r soo lucky
neither of them got hit)... lol They r sooo smart ain't they?¿ So...
Jr told them to stop...which they did... then Justin talked to gram a
lil, Joe took Ce Ce home, and I went inside to talk to Renee.... ohh
yeah Justin wanted to stay the night at my house... but he was
like... well my mom probably won't let me... I was like ok.. whatever
u can stay if u want just ask her... but he never did =/ But
Anywho... while I was inside Justin gave me this big neckless like my
2Pac one... but it is of a Dragon in a circle with like diamond
things around it... and the dragon has a red diamond for an eye... I
love it!!! hehe so I told him thank u 3 times and hugged him twice
before we left... It shocked me when he gave it to me... cuz he just
got it... he is always givin me stuff hehe and I dunno why tho....he
is soo sweet I tell u I just love him to death!!! Damn I tell U got
like 7 hugs today... I felt sooo loved!! :) :) :)Well I guess I will
go now since I don't really feel like typin so bye bye 4 now

~~~Sumthing I forgot to say that happened yesterday~~~

Ohh yeah I forgot to say... I saw Ricky yesterday... this boy that I
used to like in the 5th grade... he was ridin his bike with sum other
boy... he didn't see me tho thank god cuz I was lookin like crap...
but damn he still looks as good as he did... hehe he is just a lil
taller... I tell ya I was soo happy to see him... hehe maybe I will
go to house to visit him one day... lol yeah right... like I would do
that.. well anywho... bye bye 4 now