the busy world of richard scary
2001-07-05 06:39:51 (UTC)

so he does have a life

Blockbloke wasn't there tonite. He, unfortunately for me,
has a social life outside of blockbuster. I think he's
catching on to the creepy girl that saunters into the big b
everyday. Here's the most pressing and controversial issue
to date: He may have a girlfriend, he may have a boyfriend,
he may hate girls because he hasn't come out of
the "employees only" closet yet.
I must consider this-they are all possibilities-and if any
or all were true-then WHERE WOULD THAT PUT ME?
I'll, tell you...definitely not on the corner of sunset and
vermont-ireally don't need to be hospitalized
I am so tormented, so frustrated, so ...i really am a psycho
but that's ok at least i have my wits...wait i lost those
too! So i'm just screwed. Damn my wicked,lascivious nature
i wonder if the ward at cedars sinai has a pool table.