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2002-07-26 04:40:27 (UTC)

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Today is my oldest son's 21st birthday. We exchanged a
flurry of e-mails. He told me about his new cat named
Prescott, that he has been given the lead on the latest
project at the lab where he's working, and that he's
thinking of going on and getting his Master's. He sounded a
little homesick too. He's 3,000 miles away and we miss him.
I hope he'll be home for Christmas. He told me funny
stories about his cat, teased me a little and signed his
e-mails *Love you Mom, Jack*. I can tell he's grown up
now; when they're teen-agers they feel awkward giving their
Mom hugs and saying the *l* word but I've found as they get
a little older that changes.

John and I watched two of the DVDs we rented and we may
still watch a third even though it's already 9:30 p.m. I
was up early again this morning (4:30 a.m.)and even though I
didn't get a nap I don't feel tired. At least not yet.
So maybe another DVD with popcorn and a beer or maybe a
little quilting while listening to a tape of book I got
from the library. We'll see.