The Game
2001-07-05 06:25:45 (UTC)

Hate and Fireworks....

i spent our nation's independence day in the company of
someone who hates me and is openly hostile towards me.....

i had fun anyway, but i kinda get tired of trading snide
comments with meghann....

i'm not sure why she hates me.... i know she is tight with
ty and she has every reason to hate me, but as far as i
know i've never done anything to meghann..... women can be
so irritating sometimes....

kitten claims that she doesn't.... but i'm pretty sure she
stated that she hated me today, not as much as ty of

kinda sad too.... i could really like being friends with
that girl.... i enjoy having someone else around that sings
along with all the songs on the radio and makes rude
comments throughout a movie... i like having someone as
similar as myself....

i do wish that we could get along..... *shrug* wishes are a
dime a dozen these days though..... maybe someday i'll
figure out how to get her to stop hating me.... until then
i think i'll just ignore her.....

i'm gonna take the ostrich approach..... *grins*

they were great fireworks and the little one was really
quite adorable..... cute kid.

Every day is another toss of the dice.

~~Fortis Exaequo Vita~~