the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-07-26 04:27:28 (UTC)

i am sooo out of it

well i have a new boyfriend .. he is a kicker his name is
MIke and i like him alot !! I really do .. humm I see other
guys but i can not broing myself to cheat on him ..
like "cheat cheat " in any form .. maybe i really do like
him .. I hope he s actually really nice to me .. and has
given me no reason to break yup with him so i wish Brooke
would get off my back .. he is not white trash and thats
it !!!
I fgot my belly button pierced .. yup i finnally did it ..
and well it hurts .. and i got a tattooo .. its a tribal on
my lower back region .. i like it .. its cool.. humm so ne
ways yeah
Tiff and me and Brooke went to a party tonight and well
brooke jacked her car up sp bad .. it was soo not funny but
in a way it was b/c it was brooke and she didn't want to
admit she messed her car up herself .. so hahahaha to u
brooke u should drive more carefully .. and Tiff and I *
well i guess me * were getting macked on no lie .. and this
guy named Steven took Tiff and I homeb/c brooke would not
takle us home given the condition of her car .. i was mad
to say the least ! but whatev .. i dunno i can not tell if
i want to be single or no .. i dunno i think Tiff is the
same way .. and i don't wanna break up with Mike so i am
not going to but i just wonder what if .. but i dunno we
have been together almosty 2 weeks .. and after the
incident it would be very hard for me to leave him ... i
dunno we will see after tomorrow nights roger Cregor
concert we will see ..
humm i dunno .. i don't love him .. but maybe i dunno we
will see
until then