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2001-07-05 06:21:23 (UTC)

in alabama...............

when we moved to alabama we moved in with my aunt. after my
mom got on her feet we got our own place. my mom started
dating a guy named steve. i thought he was nice and so did
everyone else. but he put my family through hell for 6 in a
half years. my gradfather sexualy mulested me from the time
i was 7 to 13 years old. when i turned 13 i became
rebelous. i started drinking and doing drugs. i slept with
a guy that was 19 years old named charles. then i met a guy
named chris. he made me fill pretty and loved. he was 21
and had a kid, he also told me he was divorced. well i
slept with him thinking that he loved and cared about me
but all of it was a lie. i didn't get along with my family
so i ran away with chris. he took me to his uncle mikes
house. mike was 25. we all got drunk and played cards then
went to bed. i woke up the next morning with a headache so
i asked for some asprin. well they brought me some pills
and i took them. when i woke up i was tied down to the bed
and not only was chris and his uncle mike there but so was
charles. they all 3 raped me. when they got done with me
the dropped me off at a gas station. i was still pretty
messed up but i called my dad. i told them what happened
and they took me to the hospital but it took them 12 hours
to do a rape kit on me but by then it was over 24 hours
later and there was no proof besides the bruises all over
me. the detective didn't believe me. after depression, not
eating, not talking to anyone and not going to school, i
dropped the investigation. things finally went back to
normal. i still did drugs and drank to make my problems go
away. when i was 14 my mom and steve split up. then my mom
started dating ken. they dated for 2 months then got
if there is anything you want to ask me about
or want more info on email me and just ask.