It smells like poop over here
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2002-07-26 04:02:26 (UTC)

i am smelling like a rose that somebody gave me cause im dead and bloated

ill hand it to scott weiland, STP was a damn good grunge
band. then they got back together and released a bunch of
crap...if weiland can stay out of trouble.
phew, i worked the 12.5 hour shift today. annie asked
me if id work a double for her, and me seeing a chance to
make some extra $$$, i took it. it's like 11:30 and i still
gotta shower, change 5 earrings and get all my shit
together for the rockwood show tomorrow. ohhh, i should
balance my check book while im getting shit done late at
night. our washer is broken and the dryer is making weird
sounds, so i can't do any laundry, so it looks like i gotta
wear jean shorts tomorrow. i've been wearing parachute
pants all week, and the same pair for the last 3 days. i
totally don't shower in the summer. but whatever.
i think tomorrow is going to be the creation of the
covenant. that's the name of our heel faction. rich,
travis, jay and myself. travis is making a heel turn in his
own hometown. it should be pretty cool. bobo wants to add
chris, jason max, to our group as a fifth member. he
doesn't fit in anywhere. his gimmick doesn't fit, cause
he's a face, he's not built like we are and we don't like
him anyway. bobo said it's just an idea though. travis is
getting really fed up with him. adding chris to our group
w/out his permission, making him stay home for training,
telling him he doesn't need to come up anymore. we know
bobo is the promoter, but he keeps talking about how he
doesn't wanna deal with the booking. but he keeps book
stuff for us, adding members, making decisions, and booking
himself! fucker that he is, he told us (entire GLAPW
school) a looooong time ago that the promotion was for us.
he didn't wanna put himself ahead. he's making his dreams
come true by cheating. fucker.
ok, i gotta get some shit done. check our new website.
http://GLAPWwrestling.com click on the...3rd link onthe
main page, it ends with " in ring return" read that one.
it's got stuff about me. im known as AJ Michaels. i know, i
don't like that name either. im going to become AJ St.
Michael, cause i've got the "straight edge".