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2002-07-26 00:50:04 (UTC)

A half day - things made partial

Thursday night I saw some people. I made things partial. I
walked with Mel and her friend. But I stopped in way and
they went without me.
I saw Carol too. She is fine trying to forget mistakes.
She is finding same mistakes. Because she tried to
forget mistakes. Then she could not recognize them at sight.
Many things happened to make a better day. But I was not
seeing them. Tomorrow will be a better day. And I will see
the good things. They will pass in my sight and will see
them. And have the beginning of a better day. And I could
see tomorrows for me.
The time is created in days and weeks not to repeat things
but to perfect days. And create a better day.
Better day for me and my truly friends in streets and lakes
of my home town and world around. Where people are good and
fine and happy.