Finding my Light
2002-07-26 03:11:54 (UTC)


Hi to anyone that reads my entries. Well once again I
lose track of time and forget to type my thoughts down. I
must say that I am sorry for that. I hate it when I become
to wrapped up in other things that I forget what I'm
suppose to do. Last Saturday though when I was coming home
from the beach I got my very first speeding ticket. LOL
I'm still mad at myself for it, but I knew it was going to
happen to me sooner of later. Kind of was hoping it was
going to be later then sooner though. Everything is cool
though in my house still.
I met a very nice guy at the beach though! His name is
Dave. He's really sweet and he's cool about me being
seventeen to his twenty, but I think it helps knowing that
I turn eighteen in October. I believe though that he is
interested in dating me. I guess that's cool though I'm
not really looking for a boyfriend at the moment. I'm fine
with just dating and getting to know guys. Besides I'm
already kind of talking to someone, but I have no clue to
where that is going.
In a week I'll be going back to Lake Havasu. I can't
wait. I really miss Nick. I believe he has a lot of
potential of making something good of himself. He really
misses me also. I'm glad though that we write e-mails back
of forth. I kind of wish though that we didn't live so far