Bear Witness to the Truth
2001-07-05 05:37:25 (UTC)

I feel like a complete asshole.

Well, its the 4th of July and the end of a great day. Let
me reflect on all the things I accomplished today. First, I
was part of a plan to make people happy, that actually hurt
2 of my best friends, and potentially forever scarred my
relationship with one of them. Secondly, I managed to get
in a small argument with my girlfriend of over 1 year.
Then, I managed to look blindly into the face of a hurt
friend and not realize the anguish that was there.
Furthermore, the emotional pain I've myself have been in is
driving me back to the edge of the razor line that is life.
Well, writing in a secret diary just to see if this helps,
the perfect ending to a perfectly f**ked up day.