i dont like breakfast
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2002-07-26 02:13:29 (UTC)

ohh hey ;)

well i went to my cousin casa on monday and came home
tonite. i totally had a birthday party and got the vs
movie! i also got $75 ;) i also got some neat girts. im
watching the news and florida is low on teachers... haha
its funny somehow. im coming home soon.. cant wait to see
everyone. my cousin made me ride a rainbow bike to
mcdonalds and then to publix. then the next day we
ROLLERBLADED to the PARK. jeeze... then her feet hurt so
she TOOK THEM OFF and she walked and i rollerbladed SLOWLY
on an uneven road. its really hard. i almost fell on my
face. i got sunburned... just a little tho. i have a
tshirt line from where the marks thing is. well ill tell
you more tomorrow because my mom and brother are annoying
and want to go to sleep. peace love and happiness! haha

kel regan

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