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2002-07-26 02:12:08 (UTC)

Conversation between Nick & I:, July 25, 2002

chubblz05: :-*
grandmajeane: hi
chubblz05: hey
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: hi
grandmajeane: 1 sec
chubblz05: okiedokie
grandmajeane: hey baby
chubblz05: hey
grandmajeane: sup
chubblz05: nothing
chubblz05: my lil brother just won 2 games of pool....
chubblz05: b/c the first game i called a pocket (i was
winning by 3 balls) and i called a pocket and it went into
a different pocket
grandmajeane: i'm just cleanig out my closet
chubblz05: and then the last game i was winning by 2 balls
and i scratched when i hit the 8 ball in
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: you want me to get out? ;-)
grandmajeane: i'll beat him 4u
grandmajeane: ok
grandmajeane: lol
chubblz05: lol'
chubblz05: no he is GOOD he can beat my uncle and my uncle
has been playing for like 10 years
grandmajeane: no i can beat him 4u
chubblz05: i doubt it
grandmajeane: i'm beter
chubblz05: oooooook
chubblz05: whatever you say
grandmajeane: don't doubt me just trustme
chubblz05: ok
chubblz05: i trust you now
grandmajeane: now, what do u mean
chubblz05: well remember i told you it takes a lot to earn
my trust?
grandmajeane: ditto
chubblz05: well now i trust you
grandmajeane: finely
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: i'm going to bed in a little bit
chubblz05: nooooooooooooooo
grandmajeane: y
chubblz05: :'(
chubblz05: cause then i can't talk to ya anymore
grandmajeane: but i'm tired
chubblz05: :'(
grandmajeane: i need sleep
chubblz05: ok
chubblz05: :'(
grandmajeane: but not now latter
chubblz05: yay
grandmajeane: fore u
chubblz05: aw
chubblz05: than you
grandmajeane: for
chubblz05: *thank
grandmajeane: thank
grandmajeane: u
grandmajeane: u
grandmajeane: u
chubblz05: its gettin hot in here
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: so take ur clothes off
chubblz05: lmao
chubblz05: i was hoping you'd pick up on the fact that it
was the song
grandmajeane: i know
grandmajeane: by nelly
chubblz05: its gettin hot in herre
chubblz05: so take off all your clothes
chubblz05: (i am getting so hot i'm gonna take my clothes
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: i love this song
grandmajeane: and get naked
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: NO KIDS
grandmajeane: :-[
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: 1 day
chubblz05: O:-)
chubblz05: i don't think so
grandmajeane: mabe
chubblz05: if you're planning ion having kids they're not
coming from me
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: so don't even try me
grandmajeane: shit happeneds
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: not w/ me
grandmajeane: we'll c
chubblz05: i'll adopt. thats all the comprimising i'm doing
grandmajeane: well c
chubblz05: baby you're all that i want
chubblz05: when you're lying here in my arms
chubblz05: i'm finding it hard to believe
chubblz05: we're in heaven
grandmajeane: cheeseburger
chubblz05: lol...that was random
grandmajeane: bacon
chubblz05: hungry?
grandmajeane: cheeseburger and bacon
grandmajeane: would be good
chubblz05: ok i'm craving kfc popcorn ckicken
chubblz05: **chicken
grandmajeane: sounds good
chubblz05: yeppers peppers
grandmajeane: et go get some
grandmajeane: lets
chubblz05: yea, we'll just jump in my vw bug (;-) ) and go
get some
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: :-)
grandmajeane: lol
chubblz05: you don't want me to get a bug do you?
grandmajeane: or my stanza
grandmajeane: if thats what u want
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: i'm just asking for yuor opinion
chubblz05: *your
grandmajeane: and i gave it to u
chubblz05: ok
chubblz05: i'll get a hummer
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: ok
grandmajeane: lol
chubblz05: or a limo
grandmajeane: sure
chubblz05: lmao
chubblz05: and a driver
grandmajeane: the driver can be joe
chubblz05: roflmao
chubblz05: you know it
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: lol
chubblz05: thats really funni
grandmajeane: he'll be like speed racer
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: has he ever driven you somewhere/
grandmajeane: or some thing
grandmajeane: yes
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: he's crazy
chubblz05: is he a crappy driver or something/
chubblz05: lmao
grandmajeane: no realy fast
chubblz05: i'm getting me the silver miada in the merritt
island mall
chubblz05: you know which one i'm talking about?
grandmajeane: no
chubblz05: its awesome
grandmajeane: ok
chubblz05: the sweetest cari've ever seen
chubblz05: *car
grandmajeane: i'll take ur word 4 it
chubblz05: good
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: you'd prolly like it
grandmajeane: surei would
chubblz05: yep
chubblz05: brb
grandmajeane: ok
grandmajeane wants to send file Mustang Cobra R.JPG.
chubblz05 received C:My Documentsdownloadchubblz05
Mustang Cobra R.JPG.
grandmajeane: now thats a car
chubblz05: hell yea
grandmajeane wants to send file Honda Civic Del Sol (Souped
chubblz05 received C:My Documentsdownloadchubblz05Honda
Civic Del Sol (Souped Up).jpg.
grandmajeane: so is this
chubblz05: i don't like that one
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: y not
chubblz05: i dunno
chubblz05: just don't
grandmajeane: ok
chubblz05: brb
grandmajeane: ok
chubblz05 wants to directly connect.
grandmajeane is now directly connected.
chubblz05: thats a mazda miata
grandmajeane: i know
grandmajeane: icky
grandmajeane: boooo
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: lmao
chubblz05: i want one...they look so cool
grandmajeane: oooook
grandmajeane: sure
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: ther kind of cute
chubblz05: you make it sound like its a bad thing
grandmajeane: not realy
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: they're small and prolly really fast
grandmajeane: not as fast as this car
grandmajeane: 1 sec
chubblz05: ok
grandmajeane wants to send file
chubblz05 received C:My Documentsdownloadchubblz05
2001_mitsubishi_lancer_evolution_vii-4.jpge what .
grandmajeane: nice car
chubblz05: you can just send the pics through this direct
grandmajeane: don't know how
chubblz05: you right click the place where you type and
hit "insert" and then "picture or sound" and just browse
for the picture
chubblz05: its easy
grandmajeane: ok
grandmajeane: let me try
chubblz05: ok
chubblz05: i just checked out how much my vw bug would cost
9brand new)
chubblz05: i can get an automatic in white w/ a cd changer
for 16000
chubblz05: thats pretty damn good
grandmajeane: ok sure
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: get a turbo vw
chubblz05: hang on
chubblz05: i'll check the price
grandmajeane wants to send file supra_1628_132711.jpg.
chubblz05 received C:My Documentsdownloadchubblz05
chubblz05: besides a PT cruiser, that has got to be the
ugliest car i've ever seen in my life
grandmajeane: i agree
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: do you like pt cruisers?
grandmajeane: not realy
chubblz05: ok
grandmajeane: get a rsx
chubblz05: who makes the cruiser? i 4got
grandmajeane: plemith
chubblz05: o yea
grandmajeane: can't spell
grandmajeane: sorry
chubblz05: its ok
chubblz05: i know who you're talkin about
chubblz05: holy crap
chubblz05: some guy is selling his passat for 5500
chubblz05: lmao
chubblz05: thats like a 21000 car
chubblz05: o
chubblz05: well thats why its a 1996 passat
grandmajeane: haha
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: i want to get a mustang
chubblz05: ok
chubblz05: you want kids, a mustang, the 3 story house down
the street...anything else? :-D
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: u
chubblz05: you've got me
chubblz05: anything else?
grandmajeane: ur parents to like me
chubblz05: i'm working on it
chubblz05: anything else?
grandmajeane: mabe
chubblz05: ?
grandmajeane: andother stuff
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: ok
grandmajeane: ok
chubblz05: i'm working on the parents thing
grandmajeane: i know
chubblz05: :-)
grandmajeane: :-P
chubblz05: :-*
chubblz05: lol
grandmajeane: :-Pfrench kiss
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: :-*
chubblz05: you want to get some sleep?
chubblz05: you don't have to stay online
grandmajeane: ok thanx
chubblz05: are you leavin?
grandmajeane: night night
grandmajeane: yes
chubblz05: night
grandmajeane direct connection is closed.
chubblz05: :-*
grandmajeane: :-*
grandmajeane signed off at 10:09:21 PM.

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