2001-07-05 05:15:14 (UTC)

i miss everything about you... sweet all i have to give...

i love you... and im sorry i fucked it up so soon... "i do
believe i've failed, i know i've let you done, dont you
know i tried so hard to love you in my way, its easy, let
it go.." 2 years.. i wish i wasnt such a bitch.. i wish i
was stronger for you.. i wish i hadnt chosen him over you..
or her.. or anyone.. i know it wasnt worth it.. im so
stupid.. and i know i cant take it back.. but im sorry.. we
would both be so different today.. probably better... but
youre perfect, youre so beautiful and i know you'll find
someone perfect for you someday... 2 years... this day will
always make me cry... i'll always be in love with you, i'll
always dream about you, i'll always miss you and i'll
always need you...