Sporty Tomboy

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2001-07-05 05:01:44 (UTC)

"Models and Mortals"

Beauty always has a price. Modelizers are those we see who
are 100% obsessed with models. Some only go out with models
and some have pictures and keep dreaming. These are part of
our population who is decreasing marriage numbers. Their
relationships with models are usually short and the
modelizers are satisfied. The chance of having a long-
lasting, good relationship with a modelizer are like 0%..
they are like little children who can't keep their
attention on one thing for a long time. Chances are... if
you have a date with a modelizer, you should be flattered,
this person thinks your a model or at least good enough to
be one. If they keep believing this "fact," then you will
have a good date, these people will worship you. A
recommendation: don't call them for awhile and treat them
like your slave. This is what they expect from the
beauty of a model. The obsession is so strong within their
souls.. that you could get a little fun out of the dates
you have with them.. unless they find out your not a model,
or you have "ugly" moments. Then you will be gone and on to
the next model! Beware of what you do with a modelizer.
Some modelizers videotape any sexual activity to sell for
money. This is their fun and job. All mortals have a desire
to date a model sometime in their life. Experimenting with
models and dating can be a fun thing.. just be careful, of
course models are obsessed with how they look and just will
not let their face be seen in certain restaurants. However,
models are not intended for long-term relationships.. they
are just there for a little fun.