Krystal Faerie

My told by Krystal Faerie
2001-07-05 04:55:37 (UTC)

*~Oh My God What A Day~*

Today was so confusing, yet good at the same time.
There was one thing that REALLY PISSED ME OFF though. Let
me start off at the beginning...DeBBie came over this
morning. She woke me up by jumping on my bed. Then, she
called Ron to talk to him about something. We were already
taking my sister and two cousins up to the pool
(the "clan"). So instead of just Ron coming up there, there
were quite a few people that came. Brandon, Langston, and
Brandon's cousin Jarell.
They wanted to know why the hell I wasn't sitting with
them. I was sitting in the next stairwell. I wasn't sitting
with them because 1) we were only expecting Ron to come on
up there, and 2) this was a conversation between Ron and
DeBBie, I wasn't going to be around because it was none of
my business. Anyway, they walked off, leaving me at the
pool. It started to thunder, so I took the clan back home.
DeBBie wasn't back yet, but I came home anyway. Well, she
came back and she told me that BRANDON wanted me to come to
them so we could talk a bunch of shit out. First, it turns
out that it was NOT Brandon that wanted me there, in the
first place, it was Ron. Well, we went back up there.
Langston started talking. He said that Brandon wanted to
get over this and move on. This is what happened.
(V)eronica, (B)randon
V: You never said that
B: Yea I did, several times
V: NO you didn't
B: Don't get an attitude with me
V: Don't get an attitude with ME
B: Bitch, I don't need this shit
V: Then don't fucking talk to me

That was where he made the mistake...he called me a bitch. But
I'll get to that in a bit. The whole little conversation thing went
on and then Steve, this new kid that has only been around MAYBE eight
days, went off on shit. He said he hated my fucking guts because his
mom said she didn't want him hanging out with me and stupid shit like
that. I went off on his ass. After all this shit was over, RON DIDN"T
DeBBie and I went to the pool after she gave her letter to Ron.
We got in the hot tub and I looked into the big pool and saw Brandon.
I waved at him because DeBBie said I should try and be friends with
him, because that's what I be friends. So DeBBie and I
are chillin' in the hot tub when Brandon and Jarell get in the hot
tub. Brandon still looked pissed off at me, and I was still MAD
FLAMING at him. Well, everyone else followed into the hot tub as well.
Brandon swam through the pool over to me and he was acting like
he was filling up this Kool-Aid Blast(?) bottle. Well, he wasn't
doing that. He slid his hand behind him and inside my bikini bottoms
and started messing with me. I was like "oh my god". He sat there
between my legs for a minute, then moved next to me. After a lot of
flirting in the pool, he made a comment about being Dizzy. I was the
only one who caught that because of what it means. He said he would
be up in there later that day. I was like, "Okay". (I am not a ho or
a whore...I have only Brandon, sexually). After a lot of flirting in
the hot tub between us (and after he grabbed my hand and put it on
him several times), he borrowed some money from Jarell to go and buy
some condoms. He took Ron with him. When they were coming back,
DeBBie and I had to go home to eat dinner. I told him we would be
back as soon as we were done. At 7 p.m., we left the house. We had to
be back IN THE HOUSE before 7:30 p.m. So we RAN to the pool, caught
up with Brandon and Ron, and the four of us went to the County Dock.
We were looking for a place to go...I spotted the bathrooms. :) We
went into the Men's Bathroom, the biggest stall and went for it. In
like, 11 minutes when we had 20. Ron and DeBBie didn't do it. We went
back to the complex and then I had to take the "clan" swimming again.
When I got home, I found out that Brandon had called, so I called him
when I got home from taking DeBBie home.
We have only been off the phone for about an hour. (it's 1:24
a.m.). He apologized for calling me a bitch :) But that is what
happened to me today.

"Don't believe everything you hear...if you do, when you hear the
truth, you won't know it."

*Veronica* @}---|-----