Sporty Tomboy

2001-07-05 04:36:45 (UTC)

"Sex and the City"

Sometimes it's time to stop looking for the perfect person
in a fairy tale and to look at the good in people. Maybe
your missing the greatest person in the world just because
you don't have a lot in common or they just aren't your
type. Everyone has desirable qualities which are overlooked
because they are too scrawny or they have blond hair
instead of your personal fav, black. Seeing the love in the
eyes of that "special someone" is worth every second of
your life. We keep looking for a perfect being yet.. none
exist. Why do women keep being romantic to men who just
can't be sweet? Relationships seem to dwell on the one
night stands, making the other much more desirable. Why?
Maybe they seem less desperate for commitment and not
interested in you. The urge to make the person love and
want you exists in the "I'll call you sometime." The line
is said with such care and placed ever so lightly to make
the passion more intense. Does this make the person seem
pathetic when they beg for a relationship with this
charming being? It's all part of a clever scheme, creating
relationships and making the work less hard for the other
party. This is how everyone is getting married today... the
one night stands leading to intensifying desire leading to
a ring... and the forever echoing I DO.