Katie & Kora

Kinky Chronicles
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2002-07-25 21:52:54 (UTC)

The Email To Nathan

I don't want to be here anymore. I sent Nathan an email
last night after we kinda got into another fight. He's
working right now so I don't even know if he's gonna get
it. I kinda wish I hadn't sent it. It doesn't make very
much sense...not that I ever do. I want things to be normal
between us...like in the comfortable stage. We're kinda in
and out of that one. I don't even know what's going to
happen now that him and Cody are talking again. It would be
weird to hang out with both of them at the same time. That
could be a very awkward situation. Hmmm.. I think I should
probably get off the computer now. I'm spending too much
time on it these days. Later.


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