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2002-07-25 20:26:20 (UTC)

the dream about my wrist

I was wearing my wrist support on my left wrist for my
RSI because it was playing up. Despite being left
handed, my right wrist is the one that suffers most from
RSI, so I don't know why it was my left one that was
sore in my dream.

Anyway, I was in a bank, and my wrist was really
aching. I went to one of the tellers and lifted my arm up
so she could see my wrist.

"My wrist is sore", I said.

The teller took my support off, which was almost falling
off anyway, and to my astonishment, my bone was
sticking out the side of my wrist!

"Well, I'm not surprised it's sore!" said the teller when
she saw the bone sticking out.

Suddenly the whole scene moved, but I stayed where I
was. The next thing I know there was another woman in
from of me, and I knew she was a nurse and that I was
in a medical centre. She was smiling at me, but her
face contorted, and her features became ugly, like that
of a vampire or something.

And that is all I remember.

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