Life's A Boat, Be A Good Sailor
2002-07-25 20:09:59 (UTC)

Never Let Go!

How hard is it too hold on to all our old friends, old
memories, and our old life when everything changes. To keep
touch with those people who were so important to you so
long ago. All those photographs that play through your head
like a slideshow because you can't forget them. You want to
embrace them daily so that they stay fresh in your head,
but it's so hard to remember the days when things went well
and life was good. You were carefree had all the friends
you could ever need and didn't have to deal with bad shit
that happened. Why didn't we treasure the days that seemed
so meaningless at the time. You've got to hold onto
everything you have, and don't try to rush the world so
that you can have your way or life can be easier. Life is
supposed to be hard, that is what makes it so fun and
amazing. Not a day should pass without a challenge, and you
should always face it head on. Everything can be
accomplished even when it seems you have nothing. Don't
forget the good days, and the bad, but most off all
treasure the memories of everything that you love or used
to love. And don't let those things you cherish so much
ever no that you don't love them even if you feel like you
truly don't because in the end you will.