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2002-07-25 19:20:10 (UTC)

today was a good day/bio final/award

wow i haven't written in the longest time...well a lot has
CHANGED...i took bio 4 weeks ago at qc, and it was A TOUGH
class...a lot of medical terminology but i met a few
interesting characters, and i met val's brother's gf,
belma..we r friends now...belma rules. well there was that
annoying asian gurl that acted like she has been around the
world and back and uppidity becuz she lived in
nyc...wutever. then there were the 5 SG's lol...then there
was the cute jewish kid that always checked me out in
lab...i touched him today...told him that i was
im such a little flirt. well, they was jacky the annoying
gurl that isolated us, im sorry, she goes to an all black
school, and qc is like an invasion for her, she doesnt know
how to socialize. then there was ray, ryan wutever..well we
had lunch with him and he just jetted off so abruptly...he
was cute but he has no manners.

well about the class itself, damn dr. e had such a bad
accent....but he gave us like everything on the exam, so im
not complaining, i just can't wait to see my final grade.
the good thing that came out of bio...getting a new friend,
bel and upping me by 3 credits...i hate lab! it sucks that
we have to dissect a pig..poor thing...well back to belma
she's super cool and she has the most amazing boobs...i
told her about it and we would always crack jokes...i wish
if i looked like her...boobwise...great rack...well she
likes mine also, so im not going to bitch...hey im not that
bad...i think im a cutie putootie, not a lot of girls look
like me, and i should be happy about's weird
that those 2 gurls int the front row would always stare at
me, even in the bathroom today..wuts up w/ them....just
wondering. ooh man im definitely not going to miss lab
teacher..she was worst than lecture teacher.

another thing i learned about this class...women are cursed
by "god," (hypenated becuz im atheist) well why do we only
have 400 eggs and men have 250 million in each ejaculation!
where's the fairness in that!!!!!!!!! im po'd about that
fact. women r such disadvantaged than anything...i hate
this world..just becuz of that...damn i just see myself
being the next gloria steinem.

today was home and i got this award from my
university...dean's official "THE SCHOLAR." I
placed it on my wall, and it looks nice...i just need 4 more
(one for each semester) me

arrgh i can't wait to get tomorrow over with...oath for
citizenship @ 8am...jeez i wanna get it over w/ so
bad...can't wait til this time tomorrow..then i'll be an
official american citizen..yay me

wow that's a lot of writing..g2g for now