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2001-07-05 03:54:56 (UTC)

July 4, 2001/July 5, 2001

Ok, it's life as I know it, is so incredibly
boring it's not even funny. I actually get off of work
early and I go to the carnival and there's like nobody
there that I know. There's a million people there and not
one person do I know. Or I didn't know anyone well enough
to talk to them. Anyway, I did see a few people but they
really didn't hang around w/me at all which sucked. I saw
Nate but he was there waiting for Kim...she stood him up of
course. And he sat around flirting w/me for a while, as
usual. Then I saw tony and he was w/some other guys i
didn't know but I said hi and moved on. And I saw Jamar
after the fireworks and at that point it didn't really
matter who was there because it was almost over. I sat
there and he was talkin to me and askin me if i had talked
to Johntay lately and I was like no and he's like he really
likes you and I'm like yeah i knew that already. Oh well,
there were a lot of nice lookin guys out there tonight, but
they were either a)smoking cigarettes which is such a
turnoff, b)had girlfriends which is not really um good, or
c)just didn't seem interested...well, some of them did but
i'm not the kind of person to just go up and start talkin
to some random person i don't even know. anyway, the
fireworks...yay, they were great, except i stood there and
watched them all was very depressing lol. but i
was standing near some fine guys so at least i had
something to look at. oh well, i am so lonely, i need a
hug, i need to be held, i need to fall asleep in the middle
of a field while in someone's arms as we watch
fireworks...ok, that was really corny lol but i just want
to love and be loved ya know. oh well, i have a coupla
people tryin to be nosy and look over my shoulder so i
think i will go now. have fun.