good times, good times
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2001-07-05 03:46:01 (UTC)

can you say tired??

i swear every entry in here says somthin bout the fourth of
july. from now on i'm not breathing another word about it.
i'm such a rebel...
anyways, didn't go back to the hell hole--hope craig wont'
get his feelings hurt. instead i finished my room, i spent 2
and a half hours putting together a dang bookshelf!
everything fits so probly wont' anymore after i get
a new desk. i have a little one right now. a kids desk. i'm
gonna get a bigger one though. then i guess i'll see what
the aunt and uncle think bout me buyin a futon and moving
that big ol bed out of my room. they could probly put it at
the lakehouse or somthing.
i saw matt at church. i didnt' say anything to him. he
probly wont' be on aol til a lot later tonight..partyin and
all. i plan to be in bed by then, but if i'm not i bet he
says something to me. he usually can pretend like he doesnt'
care when he doesn't have to see me, but when he sees me he
starts acting like a good guy again. what a dork. i'll shape
him up though. give me a month or so. either he'll be the
model boyfriend, or better yet, the model guy friend with
benifits, and if he's neither of the above, well then that's
cuz i found more effective ways to spend my time.

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