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2002-07-25 17:38:09 (UTC)


I'm worried about Trailer. She is so sad and stressed out right now. I read her journal and I just feel like taking her away to another place where she would no longer have to deal with her mom, dad and sister. I wish I could be in her place, I can take abuse well. I'm a stoic, but I'm thinking about not being one anymore. Anyhow, that is off subject. I just hope Trailer knows how much I care about her. When we don't speak for several days on end, there is this song by COLD called Gone Away that I start to think about. What I get from the song is that he would do anything for this girl, that he needs her, but when she's gone he feels empty and sad. That desribes how I feel when Trailers gone. But I know she has it rough right now and can't always be on to talk to me, so I'll wait. I hope she is well. I miss her so much. I love her to pieces.