Rebeccas Diary
2001-07-05 03:37:38 (UTC)

i saw a psychic today

todday i went to this psychic and guess what, she
knew all about jonah, and said that he wouldant care
my age if he knew, i thought that was pretty awesome,
but she also said that hes a REALLY powerfull person
and that hes dangerous, but that he likes me :-) also
she said that im going to meet the guy im going to
marry at 17 and then leave to go to college. she also
said that daniels always gunna be the same but reach
an empifimy at age 25 or somthing. the coolest thing
she said though was that ryan had a crush on me but
didnt know if i liked him back. isnt that cool. but then
again this all might be fake. but it was hella fun.

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