Dirty Fractyl
2002-07-25 16:58:27 (UTC)

We were all hand crafted:..

We were all hand crafted:
designs available,
First class waste, senseless beauraucracy.
The atoms on your hand are cold, sick child.

Your reptilian eyes resonate fear,
Yet also reflect your primitivity,
Vile snake.

Drive me to extinction,
the last

I cannot reach you from here.
I cannot reach you from here.
Too many times I lost my way.

Close the window to the past,
The airs are frigid.
I cannot keep the bones hidden much longer.
Hide the children and the wifes;
Tomorrow's coming sooner.

I cannot throw my plight to fate.
I cannot throw my plight to fate.
Too many times I lost my way.

We've walked the strait for the last time,
Thrown pebbles onto the shore,
And walked past years later,
Time is never on mortality's side.

Drive me to extinction
Can understand the state.

You held my hand through darkness,
Yet the distance has remained;
In vain,
I dream of better tomorrows.
Nobody begs for yesterday.

I dream of a life extinguished,
At it's brightest hue,
A final streak
before fading into infinity.
No one has walked forever.

We've sailed past the sirens,
Bit beauty,
And maintained a semblance of dignity.
The drive to mate is strong.

We've cried Picasso's tears,
Bled from the heavens,
Seen seraphs comatosed,
And continued in this world.
I never claimed not to see death,
At my face she stares,
Akin to my desires.

She is seductive,
Luring peace of an end by a magic wand,
Dancing around her victims like a nymph,
The whore of mortality.
And yet we love her so.

Time has always been the enemy.

Strained from a primordial soup of hydrocarbons,
Came a race so filled with greed
That the mere attainment became a need,
A species driven on interspecific conflict.
Welcome, Homo sapien.

His first steps were so slow,
But soon wheels would he grow,
Polluting his mother,
and choking
their children in her womb.

Please don't abort our future,
Beg the nimble minded,
But their force overwhelms us,
The passing torch of ignorance,
From bush to bush
(pun very intended)

Sicken me with your intellect,
Did you finish grade school?
I would rather obey Osama
myself a Muslim make.
I pay taxes to see you
control my fate?

Hand crafted,
For no purpose,
Driving a machine I become detached from at death.