down in my eyes
2002-07-25 11:25:03 (UTC)

doesn't make it any better.

"The painful realization.. that nobody cares at all...
Nobody cares at all"

He was just online, but we didnt talk... 'n then He left.
I haven't spoken to him in a few days, but it seems like
much, much longer.. 'n This didn't make it any better,
doesn't make it any easier.

"There's no money... there's no possessions...
Only Obsessions.... I don't need that shit."

-Papa Roach

I'm so frusterated, but everyone around me, is clouded,
'n perfectly happy with their girlfriend/boyfriend.
He is, too, 'n it doesn't make me feel any better.
But..i am happy.. that HE is, tho. Really... I AM.

"but it doesn't make it any better,..
Does it make it any better?

-Dashboard Confessional

It's 4am right now, 'n my bed's calling me. So, forgive
me if i cry to sleep. I'm sorry for my soggy pillow.