down in my eyes
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2002-07-25 09:32:47 (UTC)

Falling stars.

My dad's kicking me out of the house. He's been
telling me for the last few weeks, that he wants me to
move out,.. but he never specified when. Today, just a
few hours ago, after an arguement, he told me... he
wants me out by next wednesday. "I don't give a shit
where you go, or how you do it,.. but, i want you OUT of
MY house, by wednesday. You don't give a shit. so, i
DON'T give a shit about YOU," he yelled at me, in his
room. He slapped me once,.. 'n i was kinda suprised.

It's the first time he's smacked me, in over a year.
I thought he had stopped, cuz he finally came to his
senses... but iguess not. If it weren't for my mom,
standing by, right then, i Know he would have continued
to hit me. But my mom took to my defense 'n stood in front
of me.. yelling at him. It was too aggravating
listening to them get on each other's asses, about ME,
so I then decided to get them to stop yellen at each
other... which only brought the yelling back at me, tho.

I'm all alone. I have no where to go.

I was looking up at the sky just now, 'n i almost
thought i saw a shooting star..

Falling stars, starless nights.
I have no light to guide me. I'm only wandering in the
dark. I have a collapsing roof above my head, 'n the
only thing i carry with me, is the burden of my broken
soul. I'm shattered,.. i'm forsaken,... 'n there's noothing
in my life to look forward to... only just grey passing days,
'n empty tommorrows. My mom is my fort, however,
she cannot carry me without shaking,..
'n i cannot allow her to continue holding me up, when,
she is in need of Me, to keep Herself sane.

Can i disappear with these falling stars?

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