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2001-07-05 01:45:28 (UTC)

4th of July and All It's Glory

Well, today was just peachy. I was having myself a
wonderful time, lying in the sun, swimming around like a
fishy in the pool, listening to Lifehouse and Tantric, and
then we just HAD to cook out. So guess who was left out to
cook tons of hamburgers, hot dogs, pork chops, chicken, and
corn. Me, that's who. I would have loved to just cook
hamburgers and corn but no... don't want dear old grandma
to get mad cow disease. So after I cooked, we came in to
eat. Just as we sat down, the phone rang. I knew it was
Kevin, I just knew. But no, again, don't let Sarah go
answer the phone, just let it ring. If they hang up, they
obviouslt don't want to talk to us. So we let it ring.
For like 5 minutes. I was going to at least dial *69 to
see who it was, but I haven't got around to it yet. Then,
after we ate, and I cleaned up, I went outside to swim
again. But, guess what? It started to rain. That didn't
bother me. I'm allowed to swim if it is just raining. No
thunder or lightening. If that starts to happen, it is
time to go in. So I was having lots of fun swimming in the
rain, but then, I think, just to try to drive me insane, it
started to thunder and really storm. I think I am going
insane. I really do! Because I used to listen to "pop"
music, you know, *NSYNC, Christina, Ricky, Evan and Jaron,
O-Town, and even sometimes Britney. That kind of stuff.
But now do you know what I listen to? "The Rock of your
planet, 93.3, WTPT, Forest City." ALL I ever listen to is
hard rock, punk rock, alternative rock, goth rock,
absolutely any kind of rock. Metallica, STP, Fuel, Blink
182 (who I absoultely LOVE), Tantric, Nirvina, Lifehouse,
anything like that. I especially like Linkin Park. I
don't ever listen to what I used to. It seems like I just
grew away from that crap. I HATE it. Well, anout Blake
and Roger now. I'm gonna tell Blake's friend Justin that I
like Blake. But the only bad thing about that is that I
think that Justin likes me. Several people have told me
that he does. And that might make him have some kind of
mental breakdown. Cause he is already in anger management
classes, and I don't want any of that anger let out on me
or anyone else, for that matter. 7th grade and anger
management classes don't guite mesh well. And he was
expelled for that reason. I think I am gonna tell Roger to
his face that I like him. Cause I hate it when someone
likes someone else, and is afraid to tell them, or just
wants to keep it up inside. That can't be healthy, you
know. So I am raising my glass to the 4th of July and all
of its glory.