Miss.Chrissys Daily Diary
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2001-01-09 05:42:35 (UTC)

Ok, I ve had SUCH a great day..

Ok, I've had SUCH a great day today! Me & "you know who"
had SO much fun! :o) can't wait to do it again. Also, me &
Jody scanned some really great pictures of herself & they
turned out GREAT! yeah yeah yeah, she's a sexy bitch "BLAH
BLAH BLAH" LOL! Well now that I'm all purtied up..lol! I
didn't get my hair dyed though. I dunno why but my natural
color is burgundy, I thought that when I dyed it burgundy
it was bad? the natural color is a purple/red color! YUCK!
I REALLY need to dye it a normal color, I'm starting to get
staired & I just wanna scream "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN AT IT'S
MY NATURAL COLOR!!!!!!!" but I'm sure that would make it
worse LOL! Well I hate to cut this short but I really have
~ ~
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