cheer jess-a glimpse into her mind..
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2001-07-05 00:50:34 (UTC)

hello hello

No, I have not written in here in awhile..but look! Now I
am, I know I know..woooooweeee.
I did start work yesterday and I think I do like it..I
especially had fun with the fact that part of it was
playing with a bunny for an hour, and going on a nature
walk with a co-worker for another hour and a half.
I just finished The Mummy, yes I finally rented it, and
realllly enjoyed it! It's definitely funnier than the
sequel, which I enjoyed as well though. And now, in the
spirit of Billy Elliot and The Matchmaker, ie movies that
took place in funny poor European towns, I am in the middle
or so of Waking Ned Devine..sort of a Walter Mattheu and
Jack Lemmon comedy with an Irish accent. Thumbs up!