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2002-07-25 05:38:53 (UTC)


I've spent all day thinking about Ravenna.
I loved living in Ravenna, but I love Santa Rosa almost
as much.
Sheila gave me a ride home. She is so cute and funny !
I love it when Shelia and Sophia work- we always have
a blast !! and never go much work.
I miss Ravenna. I miss the library, i miss the park near
Perry ave. (where i used to live). I even miss Lloyd.
I really really miss Cindy and Darlene.. and Dave. (My
bosses).. i miss walking through the town.. I knew
almost everyone- Sometimes it used to bother me that I
couldn't walk far without someone shouting "hey
I miss going out on dates every night. I miss Tom at the
auto zone- whom i used to adore flirting with.- Very hot
I miss the UK too !! I want to see Paul, I need to see
Paul. I need to look into those blue eyes one more
time. I was telling rebe about the first time he asked me
out... I have never told her before. I guess it was to
special to tell anyone. When we moved- i cried for 2
months.. i used to sit on my bed with him picture- which
lived under the wooden floor, so my mum couldn't find
it. I was even thinking about Ricky.
The amazing thing is, I don't want a new relationship
with anyone. I want to go back to the old ones. Strange
Anyways, I was talking to LLoyd, and he says that if i
want to go back to Ohio- he can get me a place to stay
free. he knows like everyone, and he said that some
ppl owe him favors. I think i will take him up on it. I want
to go back- maybe at christmas, just before I go back to
the U.K
I think my missing everything is just a side affect of the
fact that i love it here.. and I am almost certain to live my
entire life here in cali.