My so called life...
2002-07-25 05:21:46 (UTC)

Peace Corp Hotties?

Mood - Bored
Listening to - John Mayer - Your Body is a Wonderland

I wish I could help people. I mean really make a difference.
Donating money and helping out at your local church
fundraiser is fine and all but I really want to know that
I've made a difference in someones life. I just want to know
that I've done my part. That I made this place a little
better, than when I left it. I have 50 years or so to do it.
Where in the world should I start.

I guess if I could start anywhere I would want to start in
Korea. May be North Korea. I know I'm not from there or
anything but they are really in need of some help. People
are starving. They're eating grass, bark, and even leaves
just to surpress the hunger pains. While I sit here eating
my Mikey D's, Jack in the Crack, and order pizzas online.

Fuck it. I hate my job. I'm really not doing that much. I'll
do it. I'll joing the peace corp and help people for the
rest of my life. Hey maybe I'll find a hot chick working in
the jungles of Boliva. You never know. Well I'm off to start
my new life. I wonder if the Peace Corp has a web site. Well
Good night and if you don't hear from me, well you'll know
where I am. Wish me luck.