2001-07-05 00:20:05 (UTC)

Dark Night

It's night now and everyone around me is sleeping. I am a
big fan of the night and enjoy the peace and quietness, a
very good time for thinking.

The last few days I have had a rather sad experience, and
even if I have reached the age of 42 I haven't got used to
the kind of sorrow people can give me. This guy had me
believing in a future of fun and laughter in both good and
bad days, and in the end he was just another failure. It
will take a while, but I know I will get over it and my
life will go on as it always have.

It is at this time of day I usually think about the ups and
downs in my life, people I have met and places I have been.
In my young days I worked on ships crossing the oceans all
over the world, a life I enjoyed very much. The kind of
friendship I found on those ships I have never found again,
and I miss it greatly.

One of my sons will move away this summer, and I often
think that his father was many years younger when we got
married, and I hope he waits many years before he does what
we did. At the same time I have to face the fact that I am
getting older, to have a son that old ! And still I don't
feel a day older than I was when I got married *lol*

On my last birthday my niese had a daughter, and she now is
sound asleep next door. I am really looking forward to
tomorrow when she and I can play and have fun while her
parents spend some time alone for once. All in all there's
far more fun than tears in my life right now, and I just
have to say "to hell with men" and focus on the good things
and so I am positiv I will have a good summer after all.

To all you people out there who have a girl/boyfriend,
husband or wife : take time to tell them you love them and
be sure a smile and a hug can make a huge different in
their lifes.

A big hug and a smile from GreyLady