2002-07-25 05:10:44 (UTC)


It started eating away at me and I just couldn't fight the
feeling to hit this thing up. Well, I won't play "catch up"
or anything. I'm just going to do it how I feel.

I'm starting to think more and more about how I am.....as
in a person. I've played innocent a lot. I haven't done too
much dirt, but I want to start doing what I want and not
worry about what others say. They will just say it
anyway...ya know! I thought about who really gets to see
the real me. And it's only one person who sees the real me
the most....Jonathan. I truly feel that I can do or say
whatever around him. I feel like I can tell him anything
and not feel that I will be judged by it. I'm really going
to miss him when I leave. I would like to be "ME" around
everyone, but a lot of people aren't ready for it. If I
could describe myself, I would say that I'm free-spirited.
I speak my mind a lot and do things to express how I feel.
I guess that's why I was good at cheerleading.....that's a
good way to show expression through motion. I just like to
be out there.

Besides that, next Saturday is my last day at Zaxbys!!!
Man, I'm so ready for the break. I'm really going to enjoy
NOT working...ya know! I'm ready to go off to school. I
think my biggest worry is the roommate situation. I've only
had to live w/ one other female in my life....that's my
mama. Three females....whoa!.....how am I going to adapt?
Well, my fingers hurt, so I'll holla!