Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-07-25 04:07:43 (UTC)

Just Say No to the Medieval Faire?

I finally decided to take note of those nag messages
telling me to update my diary. Lots has happened to me thus
far this summer: I worked at Phantom Fireworks, which was
profitable, but definitely made my return to Jubilee
enjoyable (I CAN WORK AND HAVE A LIFE AGAIN!). Depression
has reared its ugly head again, but this time I'm doing
something about it. Right now I'm in the middle of an anti-
social mood, but that's alright by me. Sometimes I need
time to myself. Heather and Vanessa wanted me to go to the
Metro tonight to go dancing, but I have work tomorrow and I
just didn't feel up to it. Truth be told, I'm not sure how
up to going out I'll be for a while...

At the moment, I'm feeling it necessary to break my
relationship with the medieval faire in Geneva, Ohio. Last
year I was the chauffeur every weekend to that place, but
somehow, I don't really remember having much fun... I
remember a lot of stupid arguments and petty disputes. I'd
hoped this year would be better. We went for the first time
this season last weekend: me, Heather, Jess, Joe, Holly and
Caity. I really had my hopes high (maybe that's why things
went as they did...). We didn't get much sleep the night
before because we were up talking all night (which I REALLY
enjoyed and think we need to do again: Me, Heather, Caity
and Holly), and left early the next morning (though later
than we'd hoped). I was tired and it was a hot day. I was
wearing my evil fairy costume, and I sweat so much that the
purple from my wings turned my back purple. Hardly any of
the shows changed at all and the Naughty Nymphs, my
favorite attraction, did not return. I liked playing with
the kids though! Most thought I was a real fairy! Little
kids are so cute! However, during the day, I was still
really tired and then my temper flared at certain things...
well, you get the idea. I'm thinking it might just be wiser
to avoid the whole thing. I know this will leave some
people stranded (Yes, Holly, don't think I wasn't able to
figure out what you meant by that comment about Wine and
Romance weekend last night; I'm not as dumb/naive as most
take me for). But maybe it's for the best. We'll have to

Finished FFX finally and WOW, was I impressed, for not only
an RPG, but a FF game (this marks the first FF game I've
conquered... if you know me well enough, you know the FF7
story). I began FF9 again because now I need another game
to obsess about,(conquering Grandia as well after FFX) as
well as Chrono Cross, which I can't do so much because I'm
playing it jointly with Heather and I don't want her to
miss out on too much. We'll see how it goes!

I also am sad to report that I do not get to go to Otakon
this year either. My parents decided against it, and I'm
sad for I do not get to hang out with Michelle and Hack and
Alex (Jason could not attend, for reasons of camping with
family and girlfriend). But there is supposed to be a
convention in Pittsburgh in October, so maybe then! By that
time, Kingdom Hearts will be released too, so I'll have a
NEW game to obsess over! YES!!! VIVA LA RPG! THIS IS WHAT
SUMMER IS REALLY FOR! (Summer= Nikkie's time to play every
RPG she owns... and conquer most of them).

Well, time to split. Work tomorrow (blargh). TTYL!


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