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2001-07-04 23:20:55 (UTC)

05/07/01 - 9:05AM

Wow, I had two messages this morning :) People care LOL...

Thankyou to the anonymous message leaver, we most likely do
have a lot in common, you can always find common ground
with just about anyone, even if it is the tiniest patch of
grass that you can both identify as a part of your world.
Feel free to come stand on mine anytime :) (Uh oh, does
that make sense or does that sound sinister).

And to angel girl... thanks doll... I will keep reading
your updates... although it is weird to keep track of a
life you don't know, of a person you have never seen.

Well I am not regretting sharing this link... so
there "That fucker Tom in the US" *huge grin* I had to put
that in, *JUST IN CASE* you read again sometime soon

I am quite happy today, the whole funeral thing has blown
over, I was hoping it would just be the usual tension that
stems from any death, multiplied by the tiny age involved.
And one of our magazines we advertise in is throwing a huge
gala luncheon today, so free wine yippeee... come back to
work nicely toasted for a relaxed afternoon hehehehehehe

Well I am off to do some work, I do that occasionally you
know :P


Oh damn it I had a good quote yesterday... sheeeit.... ummmm

"What light through yonder plexiglass breaks" - Tromeo Que

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