2001-07-04 23:20:32 (UTC)

she was sitting there. curled..

she was sitting there.
curled up in the red booth
staring out the window.
the smoke from her ciggarete circling her face.
and i thought
why is she in this place.
i never asked her name.
i didnt need to know.
a name is so trivial..
just something to call someone.
i didnt even say hello.
she asked me my favorite colour.
i told her it was blue.
she laughed
and smiled.
and said she knew...

we sat and talked about the world.
the coffee came and went
people came in
sat beside us.
and we didnt even notice.
they left and we were still there.
in that booth.
i told her about my husband.
she told me about her wife.
we sat there
23 and growing wiser
by every word exchanged.
i asked her if she was happy.
she said that no one had ever asked her that..

mmmmmmmmm =)