2002-07-25 03:21:35 (UTC)

A Couple of Trips

John and I were hot and tired and bored so we decided to take
a drive down to Independence, a small town about 45 miles
north of here, to give the butcher our instructions about
how we wanted our half-beef cut. We saw miles and miles of
hay and corn, beautiful old farmhouses and new estates and
different kinds of barns. We saw one very unusual one--used
for hops. Most of those have disappeared. It was wonderful
having the air conditioner on and I was glad I'd brought some
ice water to drink. The beef should be ready to be picked
up, cut and wrapped, by the end of next week.

I had a bowl of fresh blueberries when I came home. There
are some things I hope to find in heaven--quilts, fresh corn
and fresh tomatoes, roses and sweet peas--and blueberries.
The first food I can remember eating was a bowlful of fresh
blueberries with brown sugar and milk. I was no more
than three.

A short time later we decided to take another trip, this one
to Eugene. We bought a fan for Hugh's room and John
needed some cement and lumber for projects he's working on.
We stopped at his parents' home in Junction City and brought
them a couple of pieces of pie and some blueberry muffins.

Then it was home, time to make dinner, clean up the kitchen,
do laundry, and water. I stayed up way past my normal
bedtime last night but was up before 6 a.m. so I am very
tired. The heat makes me feel tired too.

Before I head for bed I'll need to water the vegetables and
flowers and check on the dog.

Another quiet and beautiful summer day.

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