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2002-07-25 03:16:35 (UTC)

if you feel like writing c'mon ...its up to you!

okay okay so im a nerd. hate me! lol. thanks for replying,
anyone who did and whoever didnt well...feel free. well
normally im still confused but i guess theres not much to
do but wait and let things work themselves out right?

ohh and i have another problem, well i might. i just lost
my virginity a month ago...(ahh no clue what i was
thinking, it was an ex boyfriend and well i wasnt sober and
yes i know thats not an excuse but....well its done
with.)...anyways a litle over a month ago i had sex...it
was protected aaand i was on my period (err) but i havent
had my period since then. now i dont think im pregnant(i
hope to go im not, a baby is NOT something i need at this
time of my life, if ever)

ahh sorry for however much that confused anyone. i guess im
just very confused myself. enough for tonight...actually i
have another diary, one that people who know me can read
because this way in here i can talk about things and be
anonnymous (even tho i cant spell it)argh anyways im going.
soo see ya later.


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